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zwerven replied to your post: zwerven replied to your post: aph liechtenstein im…

oh ive been tagging it with a colon????? should i not? do ppl usually use ‘aph blank’ instead of ‘aph: blank’ ? cries im so new at this i shouldnt have started this porn blog


(but it was probably the posts that didn’t show up when it said it updated?? which happens to me a lot on this browser cries)

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    Pornstar Liechtenstein
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    …… Oh. /uncomfortable muse ;n; But oh I didn’t know the colon made a difference!!
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    maybe i should tag them with both? i..
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    it’s not you!! i can see them on another browser, but not this one fhjsdklfhd
  5. fishpun said: NO DO NOT FRET FRIEND THATS HOW I TAG IT TOO (but yeah most people do use aph rather than aph: we are in the minority sobs)