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Before we celebrate our liberation:


You’ve probably heard by now that a nazi murdered three people at a Kansas JCC and Jewish elderly care facility. Another victim, a fifteen-year-old boy, is in critical condition at a local hospital. A suspect was heard shouting “heil Hitler” as he was arrested by police officers.

Let me repeat that. A suspect was heard shouting "heil Hitler" as he was arrested by police officers, and it is not yet being investigated as a hate crime.

You may also know that when I am not at school, I work as a receptionist at my local JCC. If you’re reading this right now, you have interacted with me or with my words in some way. I am a real person to you. And had this happened in a different city, I might well be one of those mourned tonight. It matters, and it shouldn’t.

We are not statistics. We are not nameless victims that you forget about because antisemitism doesn’t exist any more. We are real. You know us. And this country is happy to forget that, because no one actually kills Jews these days. The shooter was just insane. Of course it’s not a hate crime.

My first day on staff at the JCC, I learned how to check for letter bombs. Our shul has to hire security so that we can pray in safety on our holiest days. I’ve been attacked in the street, called “Jew pig” and “cheap bitch”. The bubbes and omas that hugged my friends growing up have tattoos on their arms. There’s a reason that my grandparents have so little family left.

This shooting comes the day before we gather as Jews to celebrate our ancient liberation from slavery, to celebrate our freedom from oppression. The same celebration has been used to oppress us for centuries, with the lies of the blood libel being used to fortify our image as undesirables, as dirty Jews. And you tell me that this is not a hate crime?

This was timed. This was planned. They murder our elderly, harm our children. This was engineered to hurt us, to make us feel unsafe in our safe spaces.

This Pesach, as we try to glory in our freedom, we will be mourning. This Pesach, we will attempt to celebrate knowing that modern chains have become all the more visible. This Pesach, as we are released from one kind of bondage, we will not forget the oppressive hatred that enslaves us to this day.

May their memories be for a blessing.

Man Kills 3 at Jewish Centers in Kansas City Suburb →


I usually do not post sad or serious articles on this blog, but I thought that this was important, especially since it happened so close to Passover. Anti-Semitism, hate crimes, and racism are still alive in the world. Take the time to read this article in long form, and reflect upon it. I hope people see this, since I have opted out of mentioning the killers name. Why should I give him notoriety?

- jews let non-jews into their community center
- gets shot up

איך ווילן געלטטטטטטטטטטטטטט

vanilla privilege is never having baskin robbins run out of your favorite flavor.

do you cishets realize how triggering it is when i’m told that they’ve run out of mint chocolate chip?