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sailor mars is like 1000000x more likable now than she was before

idk i’m just glad they kept her manga personality this time around because i literally couldn’t stand her in the original anime hA

i’m trying to do one of those “in the style of” things you see on pixiv (it’s referred to as トレス i think) with this picture for taiwan (was planning on a whole set of characters with the love live! cards) but i’m worried it’s going to look less like a parody and more like me just plain ol’ copying /: i’ve never been good at replicating that ‘fake anime screenshot’ look and ugh lining shit with that pen tool makes everything look so wonky

so kosher food getting removed from shelves gets to be a political statement against israel? that’s great!

now let’s start removing halal food too! we can call that a political statement against iraq because this is clearly a pretty good justification for denying your own citizens food.

or is this not a political statement and just plain ol’ anti-semitism?

karen lewis makes $200,000 a year and owns three homes

you’re the 1% just like rahm emanuel, you’re not even middle-class.

i’m fucking done with this. my mom barely makes enough a year to pay three month's worth of rent. the only reason we don't fucking live in our car is because of the jewish community's help.

i’m fucking sick of rich liberals thinking they can be our voice, claiming they might be rich but they have ~~~the heart of a poor person~~~. just because you vote democrat doesn’t mean you’re not like those ~~~silly rich white republicans~~~. you’re the same fucking thing.