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things aph liechtenstein has actually said:

  • it’s okay. i am a mimidoshima.
  • 'hiya'? is that a greeting?
  • (re: kugelmugel) …boy? perhaps [germany] is mistaken.
  • but you missed out on mr. pervert’s story, the stimulating story, and the love story!
  • so the ladies of crete wore stuff that made spectacles of their breasticles? honestly, it’s a wonder the men got anything done.

i would literally kill for germanic family fanart that centered around liechtenstein being the little princess

i would



miles edgeworth is a cock who needs to be strangled with his own cravat srsly what kind of douche wears a fucking cravat

and they’d obviously be half-brothers

same dad or something

got freaky in the sheets with mama egypt and mama israel

possibly at the same time

actually i could see taiwan following either buddhism or taoism? if i’m not mistaken there are more tao temples in taiwan than buddhist and they both have around the same number of followers

i mean, she’d be more irreligious than anything, but i can definitely see her having a religious side. i just see her as the kind of person who does put faith in some sort of power because if anything else it’s really comforting. she seems more like she’d just be kind of spiritual.

whereas seychelles and liechtenstein are devout catholics, and probably for the same reason - that comfort in knowing there’s a higher power looking out for them. but liechtenstein still keeps the pagan traditions she was born into alive and seychelles still finds wonder in the more native religions the mainland africans have bought over.

i just see these three as being so spiritual in a really beautiful way. which is why taiwan loves the two sets rosary beads that she keeps on her dresser that reminds her of them, and why liechtenstein and seychelles keep the taijitu charms taiwan’s given them right over their beds to protect them while they sleep.

taiwan tagging along with liechtenstein and seychelles when they go to church and literally making an adorable fool of herself

liechtenstein is a little bit country and prussia is a little bit rock and roll