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dance like you dont have pubic lice

does anyone know how common of a side effect blurred vision is when taking diamox?

this is my second time on diamox (in 2010, i took two 500mg twice a day; now on 250mg four times a day) and i don’t remember having such blurry vision last time?

i know for a fact that diamox can cause blurred vision, but this isn’t a symptom i had last time i was on it (both times for IIH) so i’m a little worried. (my last eye exam was right before i started the diamox; less than a month ago. vision was just fine then)

the best thing about liechtenstein is that you look at her and automatically assume she’s the classic ‘timid imouto’ archetype but she’s only actually been portrayed as a little skittish at times (but c’mon, wouldn’t being locked in a giant house on halloween that’s chock-full of weird noises put most people on edge?) but otherwise outright friendly. old-fashioned and naive (possibly due to being so formal and old-fashioned), sure, but as far as i can recall she’s never really been portrayed as being timid.

liech just simply /looks/ like a shy person and thus gets cast as being a total dandere when her character is actually a polite and social girl with many friends. himaruya’s words, not mine.

she’s just really docile.

and quite possibly addicted to opiates or other narcotics, judging by how calm she acts despite being literally sandwiched between western and eastern europe

idgaf about tuxedo mask

i want sailor venus

תן לי sailor venus

תן לייייייייייייייייי

why hasn’t julie ponder been smothered to death and forced to lay in /her/ vomit and feces yet because i’m pretty sure she’s wasting precious air and space that people who don’t taunt children while murdering them deserve more

the real question is: if bob marley only shot the sheriff, then who the fuck shot the deputy?

jinkies, gang, it looks like we have a mystery on our hands

i’m not a violent person but i would really enjoy punching louis farrakhan in the face over again